The Brown Mosten International Client Consultation Competition is an annual competition for the winners of national competitions across the world. It provides an exciting opportunity for law students to learn and practice interviewing and counselling skills as well as to meet young (and not so young) lawyers from an amazing range of nations and cultures. In recent year, law students from 38 countries have taken part: Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Croatia, England, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Irish Republic, Jamaica, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United States, Uzbekistan and Wales.

The competition is run on a not-for-profit basis by an international committee of academics and practitioners. Each year has a different law subject around which the consultations take place. The winners’ names are inscribed on the competition trophy. The competition is also supported by the International Bar Association.

A Client Counselling Competition for law students was first established in 1969 by Louis M Brown. It was adopted by The American Bar Association in 1972 and the International Competition was inaugurated in 1985. The International Competition was named after Louis M Brown in 1993 in recognition of the inspiration he provided as originator of the competition. In May 2010, the competition's name was subtly changed from "client counselling" to "client consultation". It was felt that "consultation" reflects better the activity as opposed to the words interviewing, advising or counselling. The name of the Californian lawyer Forrest S. Mosten was also added to the title of the competition. This is in recognition of Woody Mosten's immense contribution to the growth and development of the competition. Woody has been the president of the competition for over 25 years.

Louis M Brown at the 1993 ICCC